Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 weeks down and 2nd fill

It has been 9 weeks since my surgery and I am still doing great. Weight loss has slowed down considerably, though I have lost 33 lbs since surgery. Not bad...I'll take it!

Had my first fill five weeks ago and could not feel any change at all. Had my second fill yesterday and .5 cc was added (have 4.5 cc filled in my 10 cc band). On a liquid diet until tomorrow so don't know if anything has changed. Going back in a little under 3 weeks for my next fill. Doctor said it could take up to 8 more fills to get to my sweet spot ("typical fill level is 7cc's or more). The fills do not hurt at all fortunately. I have been able to eat anything with no problem so I know I am not anywhere near my target yet.

Went on my first trip since surgery this past weekend. Flew to LA and spent four days there. What a wonderful feeling to have the seatbelt a little loose on me. Victory!!!

Found a Trader Joes and bought my favorite ready made protein shakes and ate several meals out with no problems. Took home a doggie bag and had two more meals from one dinner. Portion size in restaurants is so amazing. Met our children and went to the USC vs OSU game and walked my butt off and did great. Have not had such energy in many, many years. All of my clothes are hanging on me so I need to get them altered soon.

I feel soooooooooo blessed that I had this surgery. I have a long way to go to get to my goal of 140 lbs but I really feel confident that I can get there. Good luck out there to everyone!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm feeling terrific!

Sorry I have not been blogging. Verrrry busy with work stuff, but that is over and done and I am free! Yipeeee!! I am focusing now on me, exercise and my consulting business.

It's been six weeks since my surgery and all is well. I have lost 28 lbs (by my scales and 30 lbs by the Dr's scales) and most of my clothes are hanging on me or I am wearing stuff I have not worn in many, many years. What a great feeling!! My energy is super high and my joint pain is so much better.

I had my first fill on September 29...they added 1cc to the residual 3cc in my band. The fill was super simple, no pain at all and no big deal. Stayed on liquids for 2 days but have not had any feeling of tightness. I am not supposed to get another fill for 3 weeks, but I think I will call the doctor to see if we can move that earlier because I just don't feel any different.

I am enjoying eating lots of salads, soups and every now and then one flattened, crustless piece of wheat bread with liverwurst and mayo folded in half. Sounds gross, but a regular sandwich will not work I am sure. Plus I love liverwurst! I had one "PB" incident a few weeks ago when I mindlessly ate and swallowed a corner of a piece of dried out banana bread. OH MAN! I always wondered what "stuck" and "PB" I know and I will never mindlessly eat again.

When I eat, my husband finishes 10 minutes before I do but hangs with me while I chew and chew. I have to say that I do feel hunger a lot still, but I just refuse to give into it. Hopefully the next few fills will change that.

Now my big challenge is to exercise. Got to get into the habit of that asap. Good luck to you all out there!